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decreased ad growth from cars and financial services?

These industries maybe saturated, plus are interest-rate sensitive.

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Extremely low interest rates by the Fed led to part two of "irrational exuberance." This was an attempt to move the economy out of the mini recession resulting from the dot bomb years. Everyone who wanted a cheap mortgage got one. They then proceeded to try "flipping" to make easy, fast money. With it all drained, many are now stuck with over-priced real estate and ARMS.

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Cars. Once again, it is saturated with all types of vehicles people don't want. Many aren't making enough of what is wanted, namely hybrids. This includes plug-in hybrids which NO major manufacturer offers. They want more high-mileage diesel options, etc.

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You can throw as many ads as you want at those two problems. However, it doesn't help if fundamental aspects aren't addressed. They are probably starting to notice this.

an alternative take on a popular quote

Picasso once said, "Good artists borrow from the work of others. Great artists steal."

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These were two unrelated statements which happened to be said at the same time. This wasn't about plagiarism, internalization, or even art theft. This wasn't specifically about the every-day kind of theft burglars and shoplifters are jailed for doing, either. However, it does help maintain credibility to have a criminal record.

Picaso was targetting hucksters and grifters. This includes con-artists and the IRS. These are people who convince others to give them money while offering little in return. Art is a piece of paper with some scribbles on it. It is some canvas which has already been spoiled. It is a CD filled with 48 minutes of senseless noise.

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Picaso knew something about true artists. It is something they should never forget. Real art is in the money. Anyone can splash some blobs of paint on a canvas and claim it "wall space"-worthy. If you convince another person it's worthy of their wall space, it's another story. If you convince them to pay thousands of dollars for something which took you 25 minutes and three cans of Dulux... you are an artist. Not anytime before.

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Great artists steal our pocket lining, and the pocket linings of one another. Don't be fooled by the deceptive philosophy called art. Do not set foot into this seedy underworld. It is criminal stuff. It is an artist-eat-artist quagmire of corruption.

The RIAA treats artists the way the American Mafia treats store owners. It is done through protection rackets. Sony/BMG, Universal/EMG, and WB treat artists the way pimps treat their women. Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears treat each other like fighting cocks.

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excuses of the married cheater

You're looking for someone "younger". Sure you are. You think you look the same as you did when you got married? I'd bet not. Even if you do, you haven't spent the last 10 years having babies (the ones YOU wanted) and sacrificing your body for them.

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The next time you have to have someone stitch your butt together because your just pushed a watermelon out of it, then you can sqwauk. If you ever spend 9 months with your belly stretched to obscene proportions, and manage to look exactly the same as you used to 6 weeks later, then you can complain about how she's not attractive anymore. Until then, just keep your mouth shut.

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You have no concept of what she has sacrificed to give you the children you claim to love. You really think she wants varicose veins and stretch marks and saggy boobs? Get real. What she wants is a man who understands and values WHY she has varicose veins and stretch marks and saggy boobs.

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She wants a man who loves her because she was willing to make those sacrifices with her own body because she loves HIM. Instead, you criticize and go running off with the first perky 25 year old who gives you the time of day.

terrorism and the law

I wouldn't champion Britain with respect to citizens' rights. They've passed laws which are much harsher than any in the U.S. I'm not sure they outlaw spying citizens.

Many laws broken by the NSA have only been in place since the 1970's, in the U.S. The U.S. was rampantly spying on its citizens before that time.

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The most recent was called the Prevention of Terrorism Act. It was passed in an ill-advised frenzy after the subway bombings. It's kind of like the Patriot Act.

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In a previous "terrorism" investigation, British law enforcement murdered an innocent Brazilian electrician. They claimed he was a terrorist, which is basically the ultimate form of "breaking the law". Apparently, he had the misfortune of living near a place under investigation. The police thought he looked Arab. Plus, he was an illegal immigrant who was afraid of the police. The police officials lied through their teeth about the whole thing after murdering him.

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To the girls: Let's say you have something similar to "contact me" at the end of your profile. Well... don't be surprised, or complain, when some creepy loser who passes for Gollum messages you. I saw loads of profiles where it was a hot girl who said something similar to "if you want a good time, contact me." Then, she has a blog post complaining about people trying to message her and add her as a friend. What the hell did you think would happen? You think Mr. Hot Guy is going to come and message you on MySpace? It's not very likely. If you need MySpace for dates, you have bigger problems than this imaginary Mr. Right's penis size. Much bigger.

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Does MySpace have stalkers? Of course. Horny losers + semi-attractive girls + Internet Connection = trouble. I think it was the only formula from Algebra worth remembering. This is because you can look through anyone's profile. However, it doesn't give you the right to stalk him or her. Take an extra dose of Xanax if you have the need to cyber stalk someone.

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If someone doesn't message you or add you after contacting them, just move on. Don't constantly message someone and annoy them. On the other hand, just because some new person sends you a message doesn't mean they're stalking you. It won't kill you to be friendly, so don't be a jerk, just because you can. Stalkers have feelings too. That and restraining orders.

fortran history

John W. Backus, in late 1953, submitted a proposal. This was at IBM, to his superiors. It described a more efficient alternative to assembly language for programming. It was for the IBM 704 mainframe computer. A draft specification for The IBM Mathematical Formula Translating System was completed by mid-1954.

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While originally intended only for internal use on the IBM 704 computer, the language was eventually made available to any customer purchasing an IBM 704. The first "official" manual for FORTRAN appeared in October 1956, with the first FORTRAN compiler delivered in April 1957. This was an optimizing compiler, because customers were reluctant to use a high-level programming language unless its compiler could generate code whose performance was comparable to that of hand-coded assembly language.

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The language was widely adopted by scientists for writing numerically intensive programs, which encouraged compiler writers to produce compilers that could generate faster and more efficient code. The inclusion of a complex number data type in the language made Fortran especially suited to technical applications such as electrical engineering.

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By 1960, FORTRAN versions were available for the IBM 709, 650, 1620, and 7070 computers. Significantly, the increasing popularity of FORTRAN spurred competing computer manufacturers to provide FORTRAN compilers for their machines, so that by 1963 over 40 FORTRAN compilers existed. For these reasons, FORTRAN is considered to be the first, widely used cross-platform programming language[citation needed].

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Debt securities

Debt securities are typically a bond. The holder is owed a debt by the issuer. It entitles them to the payment of principal and interest. Plus, the holder has other personal rights covered in the terms of the issue. These include the right to receive certain information. Generally, debt securities are issued for a fixed term. They are redeemable by the issuer at the end of the term.


Government bonds are medium- or long-term debt securities. They are issued by sovereign governments or their agenct. Usually, they pay a lower rate of interest than corporate bonds. Besides being a source of finance for governments, treasuries are used for managing the money supply. This is in the money market operations of central banks.


Money market instruments are short-term debt instruments. These include commercial paper, certificates of deposit, and certain bills of exchange. They are highly liquid. Sometimes, they are called "near cash".

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Eurosecurities are issued internationally, outside their domestic market. They include euronotes and eurobonds. Typically, eurobonds are underwritten, and not secured. Interest is paid gross. Sometimes, a euronote takes the form of euro-certificates of deposit or euro-commercial paper (ECP).

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how search engines work

Search engines, on the web, store information from a large number of web pages. These web pages are retrieved from the WWW. They are retrieved by a web crawler (commonly also known as a spider).

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A 'spider' automatically crawls the web, by following every link it finds. Exclusions are made using a robots.txt file. The contents of each web page is analyzed to determine how it is indexed (for example, words are extracted from titles, headings, or special fields - i.e. meta tags).


Web page data is stored in an index database, for use in later queries. Some search engines, like Google, store all or part of the source web page (referred to as a cache). This includes information about the web pages. Other search engines store every word of every web page it finds, like AltaVista.

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The cached page holds the actual search text since it is indexed. This is very useful when the content of the current web page has been updated and the search terms are no longer in there. Some consider this problem a mild form of linkrot.

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Google's handling of linkrot increases 'freshness' by attempting to keep current whether the search terms are on the returned web page. This satisfies the principle of least astonishment. The user expects search terms to be on the returned pages, so Google attempts to not satisfy this. Cached pages help increase search relevance, which mitigates linkrot.

fares and travel sites

Hotels change their rates as often as they necessary. Of course, a rumor of geo-targeting prices may perhaps be something the websites do not readily want to quash. It could possibly make many visitors book first time.

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Seemingly, the hotel industry is fast adopting some serious yield management strategies. Most major websites get their rates from GDS.


Because of this, you very easily can see hotel rates. You visit the next day to see entirely different rates. They could be more expensive or cheaper.

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Many global chains only work with certain websites. Or, they partner with GDS websites. Many of these websites claim guaranteed lowest rates.

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Primarily, the problem is caused by wholesalers. Their contracted rates are meant to be part of a package (i.e. not visible to consumers) to third-party websites. For hotels, this is a serious problem. It is something which is very difficult to defeat.

email phishing

Remarkably, I clicked a link in a Phishing email. To top that, I entered my Amazon password! What was in my head?

Under pressure at work, there was an email apparently from It was questioning my account with them. For some reason, my mind was elsewhere. For me, there was the possibility they were checking accounts which had never been used and lacked credit card details.

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I didn't enter my Credit Card details. This made me immediately send an email to the Associates support mail. It said "so you need a Credit Card to be an associate now do you." There was this whole elaborate scheme in my head covering what Amazon was doing. It could have been forgotting about people with accounts who never bought anything, since they were associates from another country.


They called me "lower than a country bumkin" on the Amazon forum. Someone tried to defend me by saying remember when you were first online. My programming experience was before the IBM PC was invented! My first software was for a computer with 4K of RAM. AND, that was a mainframe! I just wasn't thinking too clearly.


The rather well-done web pages were on a legitimate US website selling stuff. I contacted the host company and they immediately removed them. The identified, rogue IP was from Romania.

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No harm was done, No Credit Card number was entered. My Amazon password was changed. However, there's no credit card associated with it. Plus, it was reset through the Associates support fairly quickly.

It's just that I really believed there was no way such a scam would get me. Maybe it's due to laziness. Now, it's second-nautre to click on embedded links in MySpace emails to see messages. Maybe I'm just an idiot who islooking for a village.

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